Delivering Joy, Two Dolls at a Time

Two summers ago, due to a scary set of medical circumstances, my youngest (aka Egg), then 11, lost use of the left side of her body. After a stint at the Mass General Pediatric ICU, we were released to a children's rehab in Boston where she began the difficult task of relearning how to walk, dress, shower, eat, and knit.

We both lived there for a few weeks. The rooms that were not occupied with children, there for round-the-clock PT and OT, were used to house children in the foster care system waiting for a relative or foster family to volunteer their home. Both Egg and I were saddened by these children. They would often spend the days sitting at the nurses' station. 

A three year old girl was in the room next to ours. She spent a lot of time alone in the sparse room in the crib.  I would have considered bringing her home, but it had been a harrowing summer so far, and my energy was solely for Egg.

Egg made an amazing recovery and we went home, but we could not stop thinking about these children, who did not have a home.

Flash forward two years, our lives are good and stable. But we have not forgotten the plight of this group of children, whose lives are not so stable. I wanted to offer them something comforting for the unsettling journey, a doll friend. 

When I launched Phoebe and Egg, I had a vision of offering a one for one, a doll donated for every doll purchased, like Toms does with shoes.

It took a bit of time and organization, but it is now a reality.

Introducing The Doll Friend Project.

For every doll purchased from Phoebe and Egg, a doll will be given to a child in the foster care system. 

Eventually I hope to work with Councils on Aging and Girl Scout troops to help them make small wardrobes to go with each doll. 

The Doll Freind Project

I am working with The Plummer House, a non-profit in Salem and Lowell, who offer housing for teen foster children and services for a wide range of ages, to make this happen. For these children transitional objects are very important and the dolls will be just that. 

This past week I delivered the first batch of six dolls. Each designed for a specific child. However, the dolls are also designed to be durable. portable and machine washable. 

I am looking forward to many more deliveries.

So from here on in, Phoebe&Egg will be delivering joy, two dolls at a time.