I set out to create a collection of dolls that beam the essence of childhood.

I was inspired by both the Waldorf style dolls of today and the Sasha dolls of the sixties and seventies.

Sasha dolls have a beautiful balance between simplicity and realism. I  have tried to translate that into a handmade cloth doll.

The Waldorf dolls balance the beauty of a craft with a doll that can be played with and is not merely decorative or a collectible.

I wanted to make a doll that was beautiful, simple, yet could be dressed and elicit years of imaginative play.

Each doll is hand made from 100% German wool felt. I chose this material for it's many qualities--softness, durability, stability and the beauty of its surface. Although the surface has a fuzz to it, it does not pill like wool felt blends. Dolls can be quickly cleaned with the pass of a lint roller.

Their faces and hair are individually designed and hand sewn. Hairstyles are created from a variety of yarns, many I hand dye. Phoebe is 23 inches tall, but she is thin with very long legs. Baby Egg is 13 inches tall. Medium sized Phoebe is 16.5 inches tall. ExtraSmall Phoebe is just shy of 14inches and only weighs a few ounces. Extra Small Baby Egg is 11 inches.

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