A bit about me...

Studio shot by Cynthia August

Studio shot by Cynthia August

I have always loved dolls.

And I have always loved sewing.

I combined these two passions early on in my life, sewing for my own favorite doll (a Sasha doll), and then quickly moved on to sewing for everyone else’s dolls.

When I started thinking about creating a doll I wanted it to be in the spirit of the clothes I design and sew.

I wanted to make a doll who…

Was made from fresh natural fun materials,

Was durable and playful enough to appeal to children,

Yet classic enough to appeal to doll lovers.

And who would rock the clothes I made.

I believe Phoebe and Egg are all of the above and more.

Because I value handmade and figuring out how to make things, I wanted a doll that instilled those values.

Not only can you buy fun handmade clothing for Phoebe and Egg, you can learn how to make your own. Follow my blog and I give you all of the tools to make clothes for Phoebe with your children or on your own.

I hope you have as much fun with Phoebe and Egg as I did creating them.

 More About The Dolls

More About the Doll Clothes

Photo by  Cynthia August

Who are Phoebe and Egg?

The short answer is Phoebe is the big sister doll and Egg is the baby sister doll.  

The longer answer is they began years ago with a drawing, sketched on a whim on a date. When I was dating my husband, I drew our future children--Phoebe, Ging and Egg. Fortunately, the presumption of the sketch did not scare him, because we went on to have Phoebe and Ging and adopt our sweet Egg from China. Phoebe, Ging and Egg became an incredible reality, in that exact order, but with different names.


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