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Here are what customers have to say about Phoebe and Egg:

"I am speechless. She is the most beautiful doll I've ever had the pleasure of holding. I'm a little jealous of my daughter because it IS for her! Haha. But, I'm just so in love! I will definitely be back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"What a true pleasure to work with Lisa to create this custom Phoebe! Lisa communicated with me through the entire process, and she sent me photos of Phoebe along the way to get my thoughts on different features. It really was wonderful to see how she created Phoebe and to feel that she was so receptive to my opinion. The end product is absolutely perfect. Phoebe is so well-made and so unique. She is really the perfect doll for a child. Investment in handmade dolls, particularly this handmade doll, is so worthwhile!"

"OH.....MY.......GOSH!!! She is GORGEOUS and ADORABLE and I just LOVE HER! The attention to detail is beyond imagining and she is HUGE! Everything is so well made and sooooo sweet! And the extra smocked dress is over-the-top wonderfulness!!!! »-(¯`v´¯)-» My daughter (28) is going crazy over her and wants me to order Lil' Sis "Egg" immediately! BEST DOLL EVER!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!»-(¯`v´¯)-»"

"Absolutely beautiful work. Great seller with wonderful communication. Packaging was outstanding!"

"One of the things I like best about Phoebe is her visage. It is not easy to abbreviate a human face and still leave so much character. She is a treasure. Superb materials lovingly crafted. One of the things I like best about her doll maker is that Lisa's energy extends to clear and thoughtful posts and written responses to both teach and share her craft. A perfect combination."

"What a lovely unique new style doll!! Wonderfully proportioned and sewn with attention to detail including her clothing choices as well! Awesome packaging and what fun to open!! Very pleased with my new gal.. Thanks so much!"

"She is so adorable!! Packaged really well, all of the outfits are very cute, and came with a lint roller which was kind of funny :) Would definitely order again with the great experience I had!" (lint roller is for cleaning Phoebe or Egg off.

"This is our second Phoebe doll...she is amazing! These dolls are made with high quality materials and attention to detail. My daughter takes them everywhere. We will end up with a whole house full of them! Lisa is incredible to work with...we love her and Phoebe&Egg!"

"Beautiful doll wonderful clothes, and packaging that makes you feel very special. Thank you so much Lisa, I love her"

"The Phoebe doll is incredibly well made from high quality materials and craftsmanship. She is tall and slender, making her the perfect model for all styles of clothing. Her arms and legs are jointed which is great for posing and pretend play! The Phoebe doll lends to a child's imagination with her beautiful simplicity. We look forward to expanding our collection with more "Phoebe friends" and gorgeous clothing! Thank you for making such a wonderful childhood companion!"

And About Ging:

"Being a doll collector, I have to say that this doll (Ging) is definitely my best doll purchase ever! If you are contemplating purchasing a Phoebeandegg item, I would definitely say go for it. The detail is absolutely astonishing as well as the quality. I could not be any more happier with my purchase. The communication was excellent and I had a very pleasant transaction. I would definitely recommend Phoebeandegg to anyone!"

"This beautiful boy was an instant hit with my seven year old. They currently are "living" in a fort together in the basement...they rarely emerge, but when they do, Ging AKA Michael, is riding high on my son's shoulders as he leaps through the house!!!"

And the Learn to Sew Kit:

"Perfect prose and superior materials. This is a must for anyone teaching a child or learning themselves. My ten year olds and thirteen year old are enchanted."

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing learn-to-sew kit I purchased for Christmas. Both of my girls (ages 7 and 12) have been making fashions for Phoebe - adapting the pattern for a long sleeve dress, a flannel nightgown and a felt coat (it's cold here!)"

Claire with dolls
Alamfi with toddler