Historical Heroines: Pure Inspiration for Young Girls

The author and her daughter

The author and her daughter

Through each of her books, children’s book author Elizabeth Lorayne seeks to inspire. Her first two books inspired children to think about the flora and fauna of the more remote places on earth. Through her haiku and the adventures of Piratess Tilly, the Galapagos and Easter Island came to life.

Her latest book, the first in her Historical Heroines series, is also educational, and interactive, but in the old-fashioned sense of interactive. The way children interacted with a book before iPads and Kindles. It’s coloring book of the pioneering women scientists of the 18th and nineteenth century. There were many. Elizabeth covers 30 in the book and then gives a mention to over twenty more in the additional resources.

The book is brilliantly organized. The choice of scientists covers a broad range of science: mathematics, chemistry, botany, astronomy, physics, genetics, naturalism, botanical and scientific illustration, paleontology, geology, entomology, and zoology. Each scientist has a spread, with a coloring page and a brief bio. Key scientific terms in the bio are highlighted and those words are explained in the glossary. 

sample page of Historical Heroine

In addition to a spread, Elizabeth authors additional resources on each heroine for those who want to further explore the discoveries and life of their favorite heroine. 

As Elizabeth learned of these women’s lives, she was keenly aware of the discrimination they fought at every step, beginning with their education and continuing throughout their careers. 

“What’s most remarkable is how hard these women worked to pursue their passion, their dreams, and their talents despite this discrimination. These women scientists were incredible role models, showing us that no matter the obstacles when you persevere, you can achieve anything.” 

Elizabeth worked with illustrator Kendra Shedenhelm and science historian Michael D. Barton to create the coloring book. The book is available in bookstores and on Amazon.

And… there are dolls to go along with the book!


“I had worked with Kendra on creating the Piratess Tilly and Yuki dolls so I knew it was possible to take some of her artwork and turn it into a doll.

“For this first doll of Ada Lovelace, I had Kendra extend her dress and make changes to the pattern on her dress a bit. 

“I imagine the scientist pillow-dolls being a fun addition to a tween or even a teens bedroom – something a bit different inspiring, and edgy. How often do you see a brilliant historical woman in science as a pillow, let alone a doll? I included a pocket on the back that has a small card with a bit of information about who Ada Lovelace was.”

The other side of Ada

The other side of Ada