Reviving a childhood memory with a doll

Last week, two unique custom dolls went to their new homes. 

I was melted by both of the requests, each quite different from the other, but both re-capturing the childhood of a young adult.

The first came from a young man, trying to recreate a favorite lost doll of his fiancee's childhood. Since it was a surprise, it was from what he had heard described. The doll had been from her grandparents and somehow lost. He wanted the doll not only for his girlfriend, but for their future children. She was a doll with brunette braids, an old fashioned "milk maiden" type of dress. And her name had been Kikay.

How could I not be completely melted?

Here is how I interpreted Kikay.

Custom Rag Doll
Custom Rag doll
Custom Rag Doll Clothes
Custom Tag

The second request was to replicate a child in a kindergarten school photo from about 20 years ago. The child was wearing her school uniform and pigtails. And of course, she was adorable. 

I tried to replicate the clothing, down to the ankle socks, which I had never done before.

Custom toddler doll
doll ankle socks
Custom toddler doll
custom toddler doll

I loved being part of both of these gifts.