Doll Dressmaking: Recap and what's next

Due to many many snow days and then a school vacation, I have been a little slow to post my next few lessons in the doll dress-making series. Thank you for your patience. 

And now I'm off for a girls' weekend with my oldest daughter (aka Phoebe) in NYC. 

In the meantime, I will post a recap of the links to the lessons already covered, offer the patterns again (the request form is at the end of this post) and give you a hint of what's to come.

When I return and move into my new studio space, you can look forward to  puff sleeves and a dress with pleats. 

Also another coordinated post with Coloured Buttons, Trixi Symonds with some hand sewing projects for children.

But until then, here's a recap of doll dressmaking to date:

Patterns are currently available for Phoebe, American Girl doll and 16" Waldorf sized dolls through subscribing to my newsletter. I hope to eventually add a few more sizes, including Sasha dolls.

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