Doll Dressmaking: Useful Tools

Later this week I will be uploading a basic doll dress base for us to start the lessons with. I will use this base to teach some sewing techniques and some basic pattern drafting.

To even begin, you will most likely need to make some very rudimentary adjustments to ensure the pattern base fits your doll. So before altering this base pattern, I thought I'd show you my favorite pattern making and altering tools. 

The most basic tool: a measuring tape. You will need to know lengths and circumferences of various parts of your doll before you make adjustments.



You will need to alter pattern pieces. This is best done by tracing with a pencil and tracing paper. Lots of erasing. More tracing. And sometimes getting a bit more accurate with graph paper. And when you think all is good, drawing a clean final version with a medium tipped black marker.

kind of basic

kind of basic

Although you can use tracing paper for your pattern pieces, I prefer freezer paper. You can trace onto it. And then you can iron the pieces onto your fabric for accurate and easy cutting. You can even copy onto it. Amazon sells sheets that go through your copier, which allows for easy replicating, enlarging and reducing. You can also just get a roll at the grocery store for a lot less money.

luxury items

luxury items

Coming in the next few days...the base dress pattern pieces for a variety of dolls. Adobe illustrator and I are becoming friends (sort of) as I try to create these.


A Basic Course in Doll Dress-Making

Thinking about starting to sew doll clothes?

Already sew doll clothes but would like to learn a few techniques?

Have a few doll clothes patterns but would like to have more?

Have a doll you'd like to sew for but do not have a pattern?

Through a series of blog posts, I am going show you how to make a few doll dress patterns and walk you through a number of doll clothing sewing techniques that I use.

We will start with making a base pattern to work off of.  I will provide a base pattern for the following dolls:

Phoebe (of course)

Toddler Phoebe (of course again)

American Girl Doll

A Standard 16" Waldorf Doll

A Sasha Doll

Doll Dress Base

I will then help you resize to fit your doll.

Resizing a Doll Dress

And then once we all have base dresses, I will teach you how to use that base to create a lot of other dress patterns. Along the way, as we sew the dresses, I will show you a few basic doll dress making techniques. Nothing fancy, but enough so you can make a number of kinds of dresses.

How to design a doll dress

Are you ready? By the end of the week, I should have the base patterns ready to go. I'm still an Adobe Illustrator novice, but I'm getting better at the pattern tracing.