A Basic Course in Doll Dress-Making

Thinking about starting to sew doll clothes?

Already sew doll clothes but would like to learn a few techniques?

Have a few doll clothes patterns but would like to have more?

Have a doll you'd like to sew for but do not have a pattern?

Through a series of blog posts, I am going show you how to make a few doll dress patterns and walk you through a number of doll clothing sewing techniques that I use.

We will start with making a base pattern to work off of.  I will provide a base pattern for the following dolls:

Phoebe (of course)

Toddler Phoebe (of course again)

American Girl Doll

A Standard 16" Waldorf Doll

A Sasha Doll

Doll Dress Base

I will then help you resize to fit your doll.

Resizing a Doll Dress

And then once we all have base dresses, I will teach you how to use that base to create a lot of other dress patterns. Along the way, as we sew the dresses, I will show you a few basic doll dress making techniques. Nothing fancy, but enough so you can make a number of kinds of dresses.

How to design a doll dress

Are you ready? By the end of the week, I should have the base patterns ready to go. I'm still an Adobe Illustrator novice, but I'm getting better at the pattern tracing.