A bit about the name of my company

Who are Phoebe and Egg? Where did this name come from?

The short answer is Phoebe is the big sister and Egg is the baby sister.  

The longer answer is they began years ago with a drawing, sketched on a whim on a date. When I was dating my husband, I drew our future children--Phoebe, Ging and Egg. Fortunately, the presumption of the sketch did not scare him because we went on to have Phoebe and Ging and adopt our sweet Egg from China. Phoebe, Ging and Egg became an incredible reality, in that exact order, but with different names.

Over the last few months I have had a few boy doll requests. The name is still just Phoebe and Egg, but Ging is definitely part of the collection.

The original Phoebe, Ging and Egg from long ago.

The original Phoebe, Ging and Egg from long ago.

Here are Phoebe, Ging and Egg (not their real names and not in order) in a slightly more recent shot: