A very cool mermaid for a rather hot day

I've been thinking about making a mermaid doll for awhile. Possibly because my oldest daughter has wavy red hair and Ariel was a bit of obsession when she was little. Or maybe because we live just a few miles from the sea. Or maybe because they are trending. Or maybe all of the above. I am excited to say my vision is now a doll. 

I started with a crushed velvet tail, and after quite a lot of fussing (you don't want to know and I don't want to quantify), I abandoned that for a much better tail. I may have not ended up here if I hadn't started out on the velvet road.

Here are a few pics with the tail, which is removable and with one of her resort wear skirts. More resort wear tomorrow.

Not sure what I should do for shoes. Any suggestions?

mermaid doll
mermaid with tail
Mermaid close up 21PM.jpg
Mermaid doll with skirt