Taking a few steps back

Over the last few months, I've heard from many of you. I've heard from buyers, browsers and friends in the crafting world. Of course I appreciate the compliments, but I especially value questions and input. And this has propelled me to take a few steps back. Both a step back in the process of developing a doll and a step back in looking at my business as a whole.

What I've heard is that many of you would like a less expensive Phoebe.

I get that. Handmade dolls are not inexpensive and the more labor that goes into the doll, often the higher the cost. The prices on my current line of Phoebe's reflect the number of hours it takes to make a doll and the materials I use. I love my materials, and will keep that the same. However, the jointing of her limbs and creating the hairstyles takes a lot of time, a real lot of time. And I'm not sure those are features everyone wants. So why pay for extras that you do not want.

Introducing a slightly more chill Phoebe. She still has the look and feel of the Phoebe&Egg brand. She is made out of the same materials and fits Phoebe's clothes (although I plan some spunky, less detailed clothing too) but she is not jointed, and she has a very cute but less labor intensive hairstyle. 

When I originally developed my Phoebe doll, she did not have joints and had a hairstyle similar to this, but then I refined her. And some of you don't want all of the refinements, so I'm stepping back a bit to an earlier Phoebe body that I had tried.

I'm eager for feedback on where I'm going. Email, comment or let me know on FB. 

A newer kind of Phoebe

A newer kind of Phoebe