2014 is just coming together

I know, 2014 started over four weeks ago, and most people have already made and broken their resolutions. Although I've done some of that too, for the past four weeks I've been thinking about the direction of this blog. I have been thinking about what I want to write about and what you want to see and read. And after a fun blogging class over at Skillshare and the surveys filled out by some of you, I have a few ideas. And by the way, the surveys have been very helpful. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your responses.

2014 with chalk.jpg

And what I want and I think you want is for this blog to bring people together. Not just anybody, but people who are interested in handmade dolls. There is a whole community out there who is interested in handmade dolls. And this interest translates into wanting to read about the craft of making dolls and doll clothes, tutorials on sewing dolls and doll clothing, interviews with other doll makers and a bit about more about Phoebe and Egg.

I'm not one for planning too far in advance, life has shown me that it's best to see where it takes you. So here is what to look forward to on Phoebe&Egg in the near future:

  1. Short posts and lots of visuals. I get that and I like that, that's my style anyway. 
  2. Contests for dolls, discounts on the dolls, doll clothing or patterns. I like input and hopefully you like Phoebe and Egg.
  3. Tutorials: mostly on sewing doll clothes. There are so many tricks to sewing mini and I am happy to share. Small clothes are fun because they require less time and fabric and they are so cute, but some things come together differently for small clothes.
  4. Interviews with other doll-makers. I  am going to assume this as interesting to you as it is to me. 
  5. And lastly, Phoebe and Egg are going to start living a little. I want them to make a house. I was inspired by this doll house. Barbie's not very handmade and Phoebe and Egg's house won't look like hers, but you have to admit both the Barbie house and the story are inspiring. It made me realize Phoebe and Egg need a life!

So thank you and I look forward to coming together this year. I always love to hear from you.