My Speed Bump

After the holidays were over, I was looking forward to using any free time I found to sew more dolls. The Etsy shop looks a bit sad and depleted, and most importantly, it is what I love to do. I had a vision of having a few more dolls ready by the new year.

But as I contentedly stuffed limbs and heads, I saw that my large tuft of lofty stuffing wool had shrunk to only a puff. Although I like to stash my materials, surprisingly, there was no stash for this, one of my most essential components. I guess during the flurry and chaos of holiday and school vacation activities, I hadn't been paying attention.

More is on the way, and it may even arrive Monday or Tuesday, but until then I need to pivot and refocus, which sometimes for me is a challenge.

I like to make my dolls in a very certain order (the subject of a whole other post either about my OCDish tendencies or doll-making). Making the faces, clothes and hair before the body is entirely complete feels a bit discombobulated to me.  

I am hoping maybe I'll learn something more about the process by switching up the order. Maybe one of those happy accidents will occur that so often do when you are creating something.

arms and legs1.jpg