A Few Goals for 2014

  1. Learn to spin. Handspun yarn makes great hair.
  2. Improve my yarn dying skills. A very certain type of hand-dyed makes good hair.
  3. Try making a Tibetan Lambskin doll wig.
  4. Learn Lightroom. iPhoto has terrible photo organizing capabilities.
  5. Interview other doll-makers on my blog.
  6. Get a better grip on international shipping so it doesn't stress me out.
  7. Design a few simple sewing patterns (for Phoebe and Egg) to sell.
  8. Continue to learn Photoshop. Again, iPhoto has its limits.
  9. Try Twitter.
  10. Make some Twitter friends.
  11. Like Twitter.
  12. I actually have a few specific dolls I can't wait to make, but those will be a surprise.