A Series of Toddler Phoebe Dolls

What are the first few words that come to mind when you think of your most beloved children as toddlers? Cute, pudgy, squeezable, adorbs, pint-sized. All words of pure affection  It is hard not to be smitten with a toddler.

Over the last two months I have made a few custom toddlers. The recipients and their parents were all delighted with the new smaller cuddlier version of Phoebe. (Below is a cherished toddler doll having tea with her lovely owner). So I felt inspired to add the toddler Phoebe to the collection.

Dolly tea party

The toddler dolls are 16 inches tall, smaller than Phoebe and the perfect size for children under 7 to tote around. They are happy to picnic, play, sleep and do just about everything. They will have their own set of playful simpler clothes and a few other surprises.

Introducing the first few toddlers Phoebes. Enjoy! Today the dolls, tomorrow a few of their clothes. This weekend, hopefully I will have all of this in my Etsy shop.

Handmade doll with braids
Handmade rag doll
Handmade doll with pigtails
Asian rag doll