The Fine Line Between Inspired and Overwhelmed

I am easily inspired. I am also easily overwhelmed. And the two often go hand in hand.

Some of my inspiration comes from real life.  Some comes from the internet. The unexpected juxtaposition of two fabrics in the wastebasket can be the inspiration for my next outfit.  

But, with a limited amount of time to sew and create, I really only need a limited amount of inspiration. Too many ideas and possibilities and juxtapositions can make me feel immobilized. I am unsure which idea to start on, which is better, will I remember all of them and...oh no.. time suddenly starts to squeeze me. I can waste time figuring out where to start.

I love Pinterest and it is great for inspiration. But it offers too much--an infinitude of gorgeous images and how-tos. The visual stimulation can be inspiring, or overwhelming. So many projects and so little time.

The trick is a small amount of inspiration, balanced with a good deal of focused craft time. It takes some discipline and planning to achieve that balance. Something I will always be working on.


Pinterest clothing 1.jpg
knitting 2.jpg