Learning Something Different

Trying something different has turned into learning something different. I am not happy with the edging on this quilt. Not something I can undo. Although I could consider this a waste of rick rack, fabric and time, I rather think of it as a learning experience. I need to research doll quilt bindings and develop another method. I want to keep the rick rack, but maybe lose the binding and the rounded corners.

I thought of making some sort of giveaway with it, but I am not happy enough with it to even do that.

Trying Something Different

I'm starting a few doll quilts. It's refreshing to deal with straight lines and blocks of color for a change.  I have the urge to add embroidery floss, but not exactly sure what type of embellishment I will do yet. That's the fun of it, I am hoping to surprise myself.

Doll Quilting 11.jpg