Custom doll ready to go

Custom doll ready to go

Who are Phoebe and Egg?

Phoebe&Egg dolls are not your average dolls

Phoebe and Egg are a lot of things, but there are also a lot of things they are not.

They are not mass produced.

They are handmade, produced one at a time, with great attention to detail, often with a specific child in mind.

They are not made of plastic and other synthetic materials.

Phoebe and Egg feel wonderful, soft and squishy, because they are made out of such good materials. Pure wool felt bodies, fluffy soft wool and mohair hair. They are firmly stuffed with a downy wool produced by the Amish.

If you hold Phoebe, or Egg, it is hard to let go.

Phoebe and Egg dolls are not all the same.

Phoebe is the big sister, Egg is the baby. They each can be made with different hair styles, hair colors, hair textures, skin colors, body sizes and body styles.

Phoebe and Egg don’t have teeth and blinking eyes.

They have loving friendly faces, each slightly different. A face that will be adored for a long time, because Phoebe and Egg are dolls that look beautiful in your child’s arms and in your home.

Phoebe and Egg don’t have lots of things. They don’t need desks, bikes, gymnastic equipment, a lemonade stand or a salon. Their stuff won’t take over your home.

There are a few things made for Phoebe and Egg, arty quilts, puffy over-stuffed chairs, a few pets and all sorts of handmade clothes. But the rest of their world is waiting to be imagined.

When you think about what Phoebe and Egg are not, you can start to see what they are. They are all of the wonderful things you want a doll to be,

handmade with great care,

from beautiful materials,

with a simple understated style.

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