You have all seen Phoebe here on the pages of this website, and blog, and probably on Etsy, and maybe even on Facebook, or Instagram, but that is not really Phoebe's life. That is Phoebe's public life, specifically her modeling job, her bread and butter. But lots of photos of posing with different outfits for the camera is not a fair representation of Phoebe's life. There's much more to Phoebe.

Phoebe (with my permission) has decided to reveal a bit more about herself. She hopes you don't judge and mostly that you are amused. Because life is amusing. Especially Phoebe's.

Announcing...Phoebe's World. A series.


The stories of Phoebe's life as they unfold, in addition to a few #Throwback Thursdays, because Phoebe had a life before this.