The new kind of Phoebe Doll on Etsy now

A few weeks back I posted a sneak peek at a new kind of Phoebe doll. I was inspired to design her by the request of several followers, a less expensive Phoebe, which I totally get. For me that meant a less time intensive Phoebe. So I eliminated the jointed arms and legs. She is now like most other cloth dolls, a bit "relaxed" or floppy. So for the time being she will be called "Chill Phoebe".

And after making several of these, I am smitten. They are not a compromise, just a different kind of doll with a slightly different appeal. Also, a little more cuddly for children.

Click here to see her in my Etsy shop.

Chill Phoebe dress sitting1 PM.jpg
She is standing with "assistance".

She is standing with "assistance".

Wool Rag doll